The Charioteer is massive, easily fifteen feet tall when fully grown. It has a body split into three segments, with the bottom segment housing four massive legs, a reinforced midsection with an extra-thick carapace and a squat, wide upper section that houses it’s head and two huge arms. The head is equally wide and squat, with it’s eyes, mouth and horns all almost in line with each other.

In Ely SocietyEdit

Charioteers have one purpose – to carry the queen around the hive if she is required elsewhere, or she has to flee invaders. Along with her bodyguards, she usually keeps twenty or so around at any one time – more than enough to carry her.

In CombatEdit

Charioteers are near-mindless and incredibly strong, leading to an unimaginative swinging motion designed to swat an enemy as hard as it can. Due to their four legs and sturdy design, they are nearly impossible to knock down or slow, and even castle walls aren’t reliable proof against one if it is compelled to charge.