There is a common belief that Ely are monsters and, outwardly, the Courtesans refute this belief completely. Utterly beautiful, the Courtesans resemble the perfect woman, only with a large pair of butterfly wings coming from between their shoulders. When not in flight, these wings fold around the Courtesan’s body like a cape or dress (depending on the size of the wings/courtesan’s body).

In Ely SocietyEdit

Courtesans have one role in the Ely Hive – to prime themselves for if the Queen should die unexpectedly. Not fully attuned to the Hive Mind, they wander the halls of their domains, essentially acting as an observer to the daily life of their potential subjects.

In CombatEdit

While not fully attuned to the Hive Mind, Courtesans can still channel both it and the magical energy that forms it as naturally as breathing. They can also fly perfectly, fast and for almost indefinitely, but if they’re hit they will die. Killing them is simply a matter of attacking with spells and ranged attacks until something hits.