Drainers are a rare mutation of the Mirrorkin that look like humans, but with the lower half of their face replaced with tendrils. The more the Drainer has fed, the fatter it is – the most successful Drainers are near-spherical.

In Ely SocietyEdit

Drainers are sent out when the Ely need sustenance quickly, and are used to farm magic from the areas surrounding the Hive before returning to be drained dry.

In CombatEdit

Drainers have one tactic – target the most powerful spell caster, grab them in a bear-like grapple, and then attach their tendrils to the target’s head and drain them dry. If there are more Drainers than spellcasters, they will attack things which are under the influence of magic. They have a hard time seeing, let alone hitting non-magical creatures.