Lightbugs appear to be closer to insects than humans, resembling a huge grasshopper, but with a human face and forearms and a luminous rear section. They have wings, but they are too small for proper flight.

In Ely SocietyEdit

Lightbugs exist entirely to light the hives, and are born, walk about randomly until they can no longer see and root themselves into the wall/ceiling, drawing power from the atmosphere to emit a glow that lights the corridor.

In CombatEdit

Lightbugs can’t move, and can only look forward to a quick death if snuck up on from behind. If attacked from the front, they can make an attacker’s life difficult by spitting streams of the luminous liquid from their rear sections that can blind and disorient attackers. After several blasts of liquid, they will emit an ear-piercing screech that can stun attackers and alert nearby Ely.