Massive and serpentine, a Locyrn can reach a length of forty foot from snout to the tip of it’s tail. At about the first and second third of the way through its body, it has two sets of delicate-looking wings that keep it aloft at all times. Instead of a mouth, it has a mass of writhing tendrils and some glowing yellow eyes, and it’s tail has a hardened barb at the very tip.

In Ely SocietyEdit

The Locyrn are the “shock troops” of the Ely forces. If any organised resistance is found in an area, the Locyrn are sent to not only destroy the conspirators, but also to drain the very life from any nearby locations of importance – a show of Ely dominance and an example of what resistance will get the world (ignoring the fact that it will happen anyway). Due to their ravenous nature, it is impossible to keep more than one Locyrn in one place – if the temptation gets too great, they will happily destroy each other to feed.

In CombatEdit

Massive, fast and powerful, a Locyrn is deadly, and almost impervious to the kind of damage a small group of humans can do. Their greatest weakness is their hunger – if a Locyrn doesn’t feed regularly, it will begin to lose it’s power, consuming itself from the inside out to feed it’s gluttony. The best tactic against a Locyrn is to run from it and attempt to lead it to another one of it’s kind – the two will battle to the death, leaving the victor gorged (for a while, anyway) and injured.