Mirrorkin look like humans, but with antennae and a row of horns on their forehead. As they get older, their eyes begin to get larger and take on a multifaceted, jewel-like quality, and their face begins to elongate, becoming long and thin.

In Ely SocietyEdit

Mirrorkin have the most day to day interaction with humans, acting as guards on the city streets, as well as the occasional envoy. Behind the walls of the Hives, Mirrorkin are allowed the most individuality of all drones, being allowed to choose their own names and even wear clothes. It is believed by the few that wonder on such matters that this is why they are also the most likely to ascend to higher castes, although this has never been proven conclusively either way.

In CombatEdit

Mirrorkin lack the Hive-granted link of the Soldiers, or the brute strength of the Charioteers, and this makes them poor examples of the best that Ely has to offer. That said, their individuality should not be mistaken for free will, and they will fight fanatically for the Hive.