At first glance, a Parasite is a Mirrorkin on some kind of insect horse, with four legs attached to a strong body, a long neck leading to a large, fierce head and mandibles. However, on closer inspection, it is possible to see that the Mirrorkin on the “horse” is, in fact, part of the same creature, with a mass of exposed nerves and tendrils attaching the horse to the “rider”.

In Ely SocietyEdit

Parasites have one role, and one role only – to act as a living relay of the Hive Mind. They are receptive to it on levels undreamed of by most creatures, and can broadcast the whims of the Queen to her nearby followers almost anywhere on the planet.

In CombatEdit

Parasites are fast and strong, but their biggest strength is in bolstering the other Ely troops to greater acts of coordination and skill. They can also attack with their “horse” section, which can drain magic with a bite (hence the name Parasite).