The oldest of the abominations, Shells are the result of an overbearing Hive Mind leaving a lingering control after a Mirrorkin has ascended. As part of the ascension, most Mirrorkin will shed their humanlike skin and become more insect-like. If the Mirrorkin was watched too closely by the Hive Mind, it will have attracted parasites that will control the shed skin after the previous host left.

In Ely SocietyEdit

Shells are the original abomination of Ely Society, and are rightly loathed by all Ely capable of emotion. In previous ages, the shed skin of all ascended Mirrorkin was burnt as a precaution, but they are now collected, with the Shells being used as a form of defence mechanism – Shells will attack anything living, but will leave each other alone, making them perfect to be kept in traps and dead ends to kill unwary intruders.

In CombatEdit

Shells are brutal, ruthless killers, capable of spinning and twisting their “bodies” in any direction. Their main method of combat is to use their flailing arms as whips to strike at their victims, trying to strangle them or trap their limbs. Shells knock their targets out before encasing them and crushing them to death, feeding on the life force as it is slowly dragged out.