The soldier, depending on age, is between five and eight feet tall and three and five feet wide – all muscle and chitin. It’s primary set of arms end in what look like massive crab’s claws, and it has a vestigial pair of more humanoid arms underneath that are at least strong enough to carry weapons. It’s head is on a strong neck, and has mandibles underneath it’s almost human jawline. It’s legs, on the other hand, are triple-jointed and look like they would be able to propel the creature miles into the sky.

In Ely SocietyEdit

While the Mirrorkin interact with the general populace of the world and act as guards in public, the Soldiers are the guards in private, as well as the primary ground troops in raids on outposts outside of civilized land. Older Soldiers act as bodyguards to the Queen and other Elders, even if that is only as a meat shield or distraction.

In CombatEdit

While Soldiers are still drones to the Hive Mind, all soldiers born in the same cluster have a unique telepathic bond that allows them to operate together flawlessly. The more soldiers from the same “unit” that fight together, the smarter they act, flanking and ambushing enemies with ease. As the unit takes casualties, however, the link begins to unravel until the few remaining Soldiers become frothing berserkers, unheedingly charging into the face of the enemy.

Soldiers are, despite their animalistic appearance, capable of wielding weapons.